Pure Elegance Events Rebrand...Completed!

It is official! Pure Elegance Events has been re-branded. Throughout the lifespan of a business, there comes a time to reflect and evaluate your processes. How is your "brand" being viewed? Is it outdated? Has your target market changed? These are the questions I asked myself. All of my answers to the aforementioned questions pointed directly to a re-brand. It is good to enhance your brand as your business grows. As you grow and mature, so should your brand.

When I first started out in 2007, I had a website that I created myself from a free Microsoft template they had available on their Office 360 website. It was all I could afford at the time and it served it's purpose.

Now onto bigger and better. I am excited for what lies ahead for Pure Elegance Events. We have come a long way, and our journey is still so far from being over.

Pure Elegance Events Logo